I’M BACK ON!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys! r u wondering y i havnt been posting stuf lately??? its because wordpress signed me out (????) and i forgot my password! so i go on aol (which is where i HAD to go make a new email cuz wordpress duznt accept hotmail and aol suks) and go on my email….WHICH WUZ MY SCREENNAME EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found that out about a week later so i used my brain and singed in—vincentvjwrefrk@aol.com which was the new email i had 2 make. i wuz just taking a stab cuz i forgot the new email i made lol. and guess wut! it worked!!!!!!! and guess how many messages were there! 92!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yea i got my password back cuz it was in my email and stuff and thats the story of the future which will happen in the present now…



hey guys! need cheat codes? for wii? for ps3? for 360? for xbox? for gamecube? for ps2? for ps? for 64? for pc?!?!? for super nintendo??? or for anything else?!?!?!?!?! well i hav them here. just ask me wut u need and i’ll get it for u! it’s like i’m a butler getting u stuf!! so just tell me wut u need and i’ll get it for u!

new viewers choice!

just so people can know when viewers choices are changed…

viewers choice will be changed every monday. if i forget to then thats my problem and i’ll change it the next monday. if u don’t know which viewers choice it is, i make numbers of them like #1, 2, etc. i will also keep comments up because it takes quicker 2 change and so people can see wut other people voted for in past viewers choices.

just deleted a post

ok i didnt know that i did it but i accidentaly deleted the post: “oh yea…” and i tried 2 get it back with the instruction that wordpress gave but it didnt work! well i guess it duznt matter. no one goes 2 my site anyway.


@lienation comics is a booming idustry that makes awesome comics. hello, i am rockinexplosion, co-owner of @lienation comics and i’m telling you. yes you, to read our comics. if u don’t, u will explode with a rockin feeling and it will be                V awesome V. so please, read our comics… yea!






just stuff! like the title! comment about anything! frum wut u did yesterday to wut u want for christmas! it could be anything! nothing profane, rude, racial, or anything else please. just anything besides that stuff.

happy stuffing!

viewers choice #9!

viewers choice is when i  give 2 things and U get 2 answer wich is better! in the last viewers choice the winner was… The Winter Olympics!

todays 2 things r:

What gift is better?:

A Dell Computer or PS3?

the votes and see who wins!